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About us

Rehabilitation Center "Spiryt"

Our center has been in existence since 2009. Our main focus is professional hippotherapy. Since 2014, we have also been engaged in adaptive equestrian sports.

The dream of comprehensive rehabilitation based on hippotherapy for children has become a reality, and today we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our range of services and save time that was previously spent on scattered visits to specialists throughout the city. We are located at the Kiev Hippodrome, near the “Hippodrom” metro station in the Holosiivskyi district.

Speech Therapist - Defectologist

The "Spiryt" Rehabilitation Center offers a wide range of services for initiating, developing, and restoring the functions of the speech apparatus in children.
Speech problems can vary and can occur at birth or throughout life. We work with the following disorders:
  • General speech underdevelopment (ONR) of degrees I, II, III
  • Phonetic-phonemic speech underdevelopment (FFN);
  • Speech development delay (ZRR);
  • Psycho-speech development delay (ZPRR);
  • Dysgraphia (writing disorder);
  • Dyslexia (reading disorder);
  • Dyslalia (speech sound disorder);
  • Alalia (speech absence);
  • Dysarthria (speech disorder related to CNS damage);
  • Rhinolalia (speech disorder due to cleft palate);
  • Aphasia (breakdown of already formed speech);
  • Stuttering.

Our system of activities is aimed at forming and correcting all aspects of speech, including phonetic, lexical, grammatical, and pragmatic aspects. We develop:

  • We develop special individual articulation gymnastics.
  • Speech therapy massage.
  • Anti-salivation massage.
  • Breathing techniques for speech.
  • Sound articulation, development of phonemic hearing.
  • Prevention of reading and writing disorders.
  • Development of speech skills (speech pragmatics).


At the “Spiryt” center, we thoroughly study the patterns and features of each child’s development and work towards their adaptation in social, educational, domestic, professional, and other areas.

Defectology classes focus on developing cognitive processes such as memory, thinking, attention, various types of perception (visual, auditory), motor functions, intermodal connections, cognitive and creative activities, and primary speech skills.

Emphasis is placed on expanding children’s horizons, refining their understanding of objects, phenomena, nature, and social reality. The sessions also involve tasks related to speech development, primarily vocabulary enrichment and clarification of word meanings. Games and exercises aimed at developing cognitive processes are included in the structure of the classes.

We combine several modern methodologies that consistently yield results.

Therapeutic Physical Education (TPE), Massage, Kinesiotherapy

At our center, a specialist in physical rehabilitation and massage conducts sessions with children of different age groups and with various diagnoses.

Positive effects of therapeutic massage for cerebral palsy (CP) include:

  • Improved blood and lymph circulation;
  • Activation of metabolic processes in tissues;
  • Reflex influence on internal organs and the nervous system;
  • Increased muscle mass in children;
  • Enhanced adaptive abilities of the child’s body;
  • Normalized functions of internal organs.

Therapeutic exercises for cerebral palsy (CP):

  • Improved mobility in major joints;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Overall strengthening and therapeutic effects on the body to restore its functionality;
  • Normalized blood circulation and metabolic processes in the affected area, which helps
    to fully or partially overcome metabolic and neurovascular disorders.

When selecting exercises and creating an exercise program, it is necessary to take into
account the specific muscle tone of the child, the severity of the condition, hidden potential
capabilities, and choose biomechanically justified and accessible starting positions and
effective techniques for muscle relaxation. The treatment of motor disorders in cerebral

The use of massage for autism contributes to:

  • Development of communication skills;
  • The child’s behaviour becomes less autistic (the child allows touch, makes contact);
  • Improvement of language skills;
  • Reduction of anxiety;
  • Increased concentration and social interaction, improved sleep quality);
  • Contributes to improved breathing and relaxation.

The result of comprehensive rehabilitation with the use of therapeutic physical culture is:

  • Formation of purposeful activity;
  • Formation of necessary motor skills and abilities;
  • Development of gross and fine motor skills;
  • Improvement of coordinatio.

Rehabilitation Center “Spirit”

Founded in 2009 in Kiev by a group of enthusiasts with the support of the Children’s Psychiatric Center.

Our specialists have higher education, special training in hippotherapy, and certificates. We participate in scientific conferences, conduct training seminars, write articles, and maintain contact with hippotherapy organisations in Ukraine, Europe, and other countries around the world. All specialists in the hippotherapy department of the Center are skilled in horse riding and know how it works in practice. Work techniques are developed individually for each child and are coordinated with a doctor. Our focus is on the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and special needs, cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, and others.

Our center is supervised by the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, and Sports Medicine, and the Department of Child, Social, and Forensic Medicine.

The horses of our center are specially acquired for work in hippotherapy and trained by professional athletes. They have an excellent submissive nature, high sensitivity, complete dedication, rhythmic and smooth movements, and a soft, low withers. Every day, the horses are trained by a professional groom before working with the children. They undergo veterinary checks.

We care about safety. Classes are held using a vaulting girth with the participation of three people: a horse handler, a hippotherapy instructor, and an assistant instructor. Classes are held outdoors, in the park area of the racecourse, on the territory provided to us for classes. There is also a summer arena for equestrian sports for people with limited abilities.

During the cold weather, classes are held in a heated indoor arena.